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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Funny enough am looking forward to the time I will get out of this place and find joy in doing the work you are supposed to do.

Today as I was coming to work I was actually fanatazing how it will be nice to say you are quiting your job and getting out of here and away from this pple.

I have this heaviness inside me just thinking of what I have gone thro' at the hands of this pple.

All in all I have been busy today. I can't even imagine the work awaiting me even after this exams are over. And considering am alone the work just seems alot. But I wonder whether this guys seem to know that and understand what my work entails.

Am really and I reapeat really praying for a nice weekend, I just need something that will take my mind away from what has happened this week and will cause me to have fun and some relief from the pressure I have inside right now.

Hope church will be different like the previous times and I will actually enjoy looking to forward to going to church again.

I also pray for a different week and something different for a while. So with that post ye later.

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