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Saturday, July 24, 2004

I have this to say

I think I ought to be parking up and heading home instead of starting to blog (but who cares).

Today has really been interesting, went to compassion, tried to install norton in there machines but ended up removing viruses and the installation aborting (talk of doing zero work. Tried to convince them to sponsor me for the graduation but they told me I was late, but if I still up for the Idea I should go there on monday (now this creates a point of I starting to hate myself). But monday is the last day and I want to go register tomorrow (thats if I get the money) and the way I see it monday will be one hectic day for me.

Went to nakumatt with kim he bought me milk and some bread, as a way of thanking me for the work I did for him (atleast he has a kind aheart).

With saturday drawing to a close, all I can do is just thank God for all that He's do for me through out the day and His provision, protection and guidance. Pray that tomorrow by His will, will be even more exciting than today.

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