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Monday, July 19, 2004


The weekend was great (finally I got to say that), had a lovely and nice time at church; honestly in my 'I don't know' what years of going to church, yesterday's sermon was among the best, uplighting and most encouraging ones. I can't even begin to tell you how I was feeling as the pastor contnued to just felt good.

The usual guys were there (came this close to meeting with brian but he was called but the passy to lead worship) considering there was baptism to take place. But after the sermon I didn't wait for even one single minute, I just left (I didn't see christine..wonder where she went to).

From church I went to DC where I met solo, jeff and most of the WACE guys who were still there. Had a nice and lovely chat with most of them, solo took us out to lunch, had meat stew and ugali. But if you ask me the most enjoyable part was there company, which as much as I hate I love too. But the funniest thing is that even as I was having this nice and not-so-very-often time, there was this melanchonic feeling inside me that won't just go away, but that didn't stop me from enjoying myself.

As we were going out for lunch I passed by a place with old memories, since that was the place I used to pass through as I was going to school and spent most of my grwoing up years. I think the connection came from the fact that, a few meters away was the place where I was born and my childhood memories and nigthmares are there. In the process I got to see someone of my childhood friends and haters too, but the good thing is that they didn't recognise me (the beauty of wearing sunglasses.)

From lunch we went all the way to KSTC from church (we were given a lift by wama's daddy.....first time to rid in his car) where there was a football match between DS and another church. Didn't stay long since you know am not a football (actually a sports fan). I decided to walk all the way from there to home, since I didn't want to spend any money

Since it was too late to go and do any Ironing and too early to go home, I decidedd to pass by david's place and just spend my time there (I know.....against my hearts wishes), but all in all he treated me well and made me feel welcome even though he had a cold. Before that I met with charles, James and kevin, who were on there way out, but I didn't spend along time with them since all I wanted was my book.

Well the day started of on a saddening note when the administrator called me to tell me that the MD was coplaining about the network in a certain class, when I went to explain the MD starting to quarrel me and telling me how incompetent I had become and some stuff that really made me hate him (and even wish he never came back.

Its amazing that the administrator came to my support and funny enough most of the guys who I never thought they would e.g Mrs.goodygoody. The newspaper guy had a field day making funny of me but that made me feel better.

If that was not enough mrs.goodygoody sees me and the first thing she tell me is that tomorrow she wants to organize a pratical for her class, when I try to tell her how busy I am she acts as if she doesn't care. Miss. know-it-all wanted to start with me but I assumed her and I know she will try and revenge but am prepared

A few minuted ago the admin was telling me that I have to pay for the graduation fee whether I attend or not. This really started to make me wonder where in the owrld am I going to get that money from and why is this happening at this time, just when I thougt all my probelms as far as the garduation was concerned were over.

Two guys as we speak have already resigned there posts here and this just makes me even wonder the more about my future here and life in all. The issue with the MD made me feel bad about myself and the things I do. The guy doesn't seem to recognize that what I do and all he seems to see are the things am not doing. I really do try to keep this machines running and what makes me made is the fact that I don't seem to be getting any suport for that. My moments here have been full of things that...(I don't even have the words to tell it all).

The more I go through this things the more the questions keep on coming about my life, what is in for me, what do I want and where in the world am I headed.

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