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Friday, July 23, 2004

My experiences today

My life feels so crowded right now that I wish to do is just avoid the 'crowd' and just move away from everyone and send some time alone. But when I try to see this 'crowd' thats making me to suffocate, I can only see myself. In the process I have pushed so many pple away that in the end am lonely like this.

The day is finally over, I got permission to be away tomorrow for a the better half of the day, but not after begging the MD to allow me to be away. And making me do stuff I shouldn't even have done.

Honestly today I wasn't feeling like to make any posts on my blog (guess this what we call mood swings). The better have of my morning was spent invigilating, which gave me the opportunity to do some marking (Yes am still marking) and still I haven't finished.

After which I came back to my office, and started working on a machine which I thought I would work on all by my self. But was I in for a rude shock, since giddy came and sat where I wanted to sit and started doing his own things. Its funny I didn't get rid of him in the 1st place since as the day ended I have noticed am starting to get 'comfortable' with him to a point that he does things which I can't stand but still let him off the hook and worst of all am starting to...................

If he isn't enough kim 'bureauguy' really annoyed me today by behaving like a kid and just making all together angry. But all in all I still alow them back in my life and into my private world where I came so that I could run way from the 'others'

I think robert is starting to do what I thought he had stopped (kissing pple asses). And that really makes me feel jack about him.

Co-groupers are going for camp next weekend, mary wants me to go with them, but honestly I don't want to say yes and when the day comes I freak out and not go. I really think this is a good opportunity for me to take the time off from all this schedules and the office and just rejuvinate myself (which I badly need)

As for the graduation....just live it like that.Guess who wants to come to my graduation ....'miss.Iknowitall'!..I couldn't believe my ears...and the guys too here are all asking me why I don't want to go (Yah I told them)..But I know they are asking this not because they care.

The weekend is finally here with us again (I can't believe that the week is over)...I pray that the weekend will turn out to be a nice one and most of all a refreshing moment from all this week.

Blog you later.

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