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Monday, July 05, 2004


Nice to be back to my blog, and just pour out what's inside my heart and mind.

Its on a monday and you know that means a new day at the office (but to me it feels the opposite), a new week (I pray that it will turn out to be a very nice week).

Am trying to get myself in the mood of working, and in the process am trying to do the things the administrator was accussing me of "being too slow in doing". Honestly I don't think my relationship with this guys will ever be the same again after what they just did, but I will continue to talk to them and listen but that will be out of the fact that I have to do it.

Atleast the week was not like the other ones I have been having, not that I did anything different from what I have been doing. But I guess the unqinueness arose from the fact that I went for co-group (against my hearts desire but ended up having a somehow nice time there), I went to church at hope center and stayed through to the end of the service and announcement (its not that it made any difference) and left after that (I think I was the first guy to get out of the gate; the usual pple I know were present but always I didn't talk to them.

I did go to DS but didn't stay long, especially when I felt as if there was nothing for me there any more.

Did I mention I went to see my nephews on sunday evening? (trust me I can't rememeber the last time I did this)Yes I did and had a nice time with them especially the 2nd last born (who shares my last name) when I saw the look on His face after giving him some comic books (It felt really nice seeing the joy on his face). The other reason for going there was to know where the older one didn't show up on friday after we agreed to. By the way I didn't tell you what happened as far as friday was concerned! Yes the guy didn't show up and I ended up going to the office a dejected man. But he explained to me everything and I forgave him. We also agreed to meet again this friday (if God wills) and I hope this time he means it.

I also paid a visit to the usual pple I do on sundays (but don't be cheated, its not that I enjoy any minute of it...I Just find my self doing it). I saw David in the evening and he so "how he enjoyed his trip to I don't know where"

All in all I had a nice time (I need to go to the barber and have a hair cut) and I got just to get tired and do some stuff. But am grateful and thankful to God for everything.

Post you later.

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