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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Am still trying to finish making this papers I 'agreed' to mark(the things I sometimes do...)Funny enough if you ask me why I agreed to do it..I don't know, Guess i was tired and wasn't thinking right. But the worse thing is that I usually get a change of heart when I have already started doing it.

'youknowwho' apologized today in the morning, I really wasn't in the mood to start discussing about that issue in the morning, for I don't even feel anything anymore. 'Greatdad ' didn't show up (I knew, thats why I didn't even put my hopes up).

Nowadays am sleeping late (doing nothing)and waking up has become a hustle of some sort.

The MD has really been moving around, making noise to whoever he comes across, I finished typing the report yesterday evening (left the office very late). I intend to borrow permission for saturday, but that means having to go and see the MD who if you ask me is having his mood swings.

Let me just end there.

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