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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Things aren't what they always seem to be.

I really thought this wasn't true but I doubt now am ready to change my opinion.

The first time you see someone and there first impression just makes you think they are what you have always wanted (sounds like 'All about Adam'). But after sending a considerable time with them you discover they are really, totally different from you thougth and expected.

I think the reason for my earier opinion was the fact that I thought pple made such comments because they hadn't spent enough time with that particular person. But now after spending time with that particular person becomes a different thing.

Today on my way to work I was looking at how life can be Ironic at times; some pple are suffering will others are enjoying themselves all in the name of trying to make ends meet. Others are in there cars driving peacefully to work without having to worry about fare, traffic jam, dusty shoes or being late to work; while others are struggling to get transport, stuck in the middle of jam, even at times where they will get money for far. But the most interesting thing is that all of these pple are trying to make a living.

Honestly I can't say this doesn't affect me, for it makes me start ask questions which in the end make me angry and hate even myself. But I guess there are certain things you just can't explain or try to explain. The only safest thing to do is just to Let go and let God.

I have been trying to get some meaning in my life, which somehow has become a routine. But I think its us who make our lives a routine for we don't ask God to lead us, direct oursteps and tell us where He wasnts us to go today (yes like microsoft)

These are my thoughts for the day.

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