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Monday, July 12, 2004

Today as I was going through some of the recently updated blogs I came a cross this cool site and I think this is the only person who has a glimpse of what it feels like to go to church and feel empty.

There is this feeling am having right now, which comes to me at times and I get a destressed, sad and melanchonic kind of feeling. I don't know why it happens just when am trying to feel happy and all excited. But I guess its due to the fact that am trying and not that I am.

I have been feeling bagged down by stuff in my life that don't seem to just to go away, but this I think is as a result of the fact that I don't go of things easily, for I have this fear that I might need them later and letting go will be a loss for me. And over time I have noticed that this has been one of my greatest source of emotional breakdown.

Rumours have it that the MD is coming back tomorrow, that means my new found freedom is gone and the moment of reckoning is back. Funny enough am not excited about him coming
back and all the stuff associated with his presence here but I guess its up to me to change my attitude about all this if I expect to make the best of my time here.

I haven't been to the office the whole of today, save for the unfrequent visits to take something from there, so I can't comment on the behaviour and attitudes of the guys there. But honestly I have missed anything. Earier on I was watching "all about adam" (it looks like a really nice movie) but I didn't get to watch all of it since the CD was scratched and I only have CD one.

I really think I will stop here and just go home.

a pastor friend of mine started making film which describes what much of church feels like. check out see what you think.

nice blog.
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