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Monday, July 05, 2004

The unwinding road

One guy once said that,"As man journeys through the trips of life he will never fail to come across the 'unwinding road' and if he fails to find one; then he is on the wrong road."

For its through those roads that your inner man is perfected ann made stronger.

I have been working since the last blog I made in the morning upto around 2.30 in the afternoon. Had late lunch (I decided to carry my own food) and since them I have just being doing stuff.

The administrator has been passing here now and then but I have said a word to her apart from the fact that I wanted to work on her machine but she replied that she was still using it and hadn't backed up her data. Miss. know-it-all has also tried to initiate a conversation but I didn't talk to her much.

I was here with giddy a few minutes ago, just trying to understand him the way I have been trying to understand most of the pple in my life. I do find him a pleasant person to be with but this is due to the fact that I hope he has something am looking for which I hope one day I will just find in Him, even when I know and have discovered its no longer there (I can't believe am saying this thing).

This has been a concurrent thing as far as my friendships are concerned and this is what has made me what to break them as first as I start them. For its not there personality that I look at, its this thing I want them to have so I can get it; that I look at, and over time I find myself still miserable and angry at my self and at them (wao those were so many words....)

The official working hours are over, most guys here have left, today I think I will watch a movie and just drown myself into that imaginary world.

Fred passed by, had a chat with him (nice fellow but I will tell you all about him if I remember too and if I feel like it). Jade is talking to me as I write (I so the phrase 'as we speak'couldn't fit here)

This I my 80th blog and am really happy about it(did I hear an applause somewhere) hope this is just the beginning of good things to come.See yah.

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