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Monday, July 12, 2004


Yesterday I was wondering what I was going to write on my blog, for there was going through so much (I was an emotional reck yesterday), had no one to talk to but I remembered my blog and that made me look forward to coming to work today; despite what I knew I would encounter.

So how was my weekened especially sunday? Well to tell you the truth It didn't turn out to be what I had in mind or was anticipating it to be. Let me explain:

Firstly I went to church (I went late since the day before I slept around 2.00pm watching Rod Parsley), I actually found the sermon ending, but I sat through until everything was over and I left.

From there I went all the way to DC, Pastor ben was preaching, so I went in listened to him (no wonder I like him) the sermon was really nice. But before that I met Abraham who asked me why nowadays I don't greet him and he went on to comment on how I have changed (If only he knew what was happening). Solo and crew had gone to kamangu so there was no need of me sticking around for them.

Went home after that, But passed by James place, Its amazing how even after telling myself not to go there I still went there, listened to him tell me how he was stricken with love for another lady he just so and how he had a nice time the day before with andrew (I really wish I didn't go).

Previously at home there was a meeting for guys who go to my mums church, so I had left in a hurry and through the back door (but they so me go through the gate), but when I got back they had left. So after staying in the house fr a few minutes I decided to go for co-group against My hearts desire (you know what that means)

Now, I think this is jus what made me loss it: On my way to the busstop, guess who I met? Brian and his friends (Boy did I freak out). But shocks of all shocks the guy even didn't look at me and far more he even didn't say hi regardless of the fact that he sees me in church.

Co-group was just like that, I prepared tea, saw 'mr.composed', wasn't in the mood to talk to him and left when the time came for me to leave.

Got home no one was there, I was so down, went to see david but he wasn't there, when I really had it, I decided to go home and just forget everything and everyone.

'you know who' came home late, just when my sleep had picked up and I ended up wasting my sleep. And that was why I woke up late this morning.

But in all of this, one thing I can say is that I learned great lessons from watching rod parsely, juanita and chuck on TV. I got equiped in so many ways that I can proudly say am strong.

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