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Thursday, August 12, 2004


Met a coregrouper in the bus today on my way to work, had a lively conversation but I kept drooling and nodding my head everytime, which to me is embarrassing and unlike me.

Youknowwho isn't back yet, am starting to get all worked up by all of this, not forgeting the fact that miss.baaker is pregnant and nagging me all the time with her noise. A good example is like yesterday, I was so tired to the extent of not being able to do anything.

This made me to go to mick's house where I stayed for a while watched smalleville (sp.), learned that he has decided to quite his job and what have you. But since my mind wasn't there at that time (I was trying to watch Tv, think what to do as far as the house was concerned since no one was there, listen to him and this onlyt added to my confusion)

Saw James and David on my way home, but pretended I was in a hurry to get home (actually it was drizzling), just waved at him and made my way home.

Most of the guys in my department have gone on break (yes even miss.knowitall and mrs.pretender) and this just makes it more fun and great for me.

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