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Monday, August 09, 2004

My days

I will really be honest here and say that my weekend didn't actually turn out as I had anticipated it to be. And the more I get to think about It the more I see it didn't even come close to being what I had in mind in the first place.

After leaving the office on saturday around 7.30pm I went home straight away and didn't even pass by micks place and the good thing I did get to met with James or david (who I heard had gone off for a camp on friday) and the good thing youknowwho was at home. After that I was in the house through out and didn't go anywhere until the next day which was on a sunday (yesterday).

Come Sunday, went to church but late since I woke up around 11.00am (shows how sleepy ands tired I was), found the sermon underway with pastor lito (spoke about us leaving our yoke onto christ. The usual crowd was there but after the service I was the first one out of the gate (but Lito's wife greeted me on my way out). I guess I run from the fact that this guys have something which I want but don't have and the thought and reminder that they have it just makes me not to want to associate with them.

But I think its time I changed by attitude towards all of this, since Its me who seem to feel lost, lonely and out at the end of the day. For I need to understand that I don't go there because of them but because of what God wants to get and give in that place. So this means next sunday If God wills I will be attending BLINK (Hope I know what am getting myself into)

From here I made my way to DS hoping that maybe I would something exciting to do or a plot atleast to make my sunday complete and different from what has been the norm. When I got there solo and jeff weren't around (so there goes my plot)and Kiiru had already left (so there goes my moment of flitering and sharing). So that mean't having to come up with a plan, which mean't going to Iron. This time I didn't ask for a lift from uncle P. since I didn't want a repeat of last sunday. So having exchanged a few pleasantries I left and made my way back home.

I decided to pass by James place (which I wish I didn't) and I found him busy making out with a someone in his house. From that I have vowed not to step in that house again. And that ends my association with him (actually it has been long overdue).

Went did some iron, had a nice moment with my niece and nephews and later came back home. But found youknowho had left for KK even without having told me she was going. So am the only one at home right now and the cat.

As far as things are here, let me reserve that for later during the day.

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