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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My thoughts for today

I knew things were not going to be well with the surprise arrival of Grace. Seems things aren't going well with her and her in-laws and they want her out of there home. I really do feel sorry for her, with the kids, alone, far from home, no one to encourage or support you during the most saddest day of your life and no love from those you call friends.

I don't know whether to blame her, blame her in-laws or the family, since from what I see each of us is guilty of not being there for her, supporting her or even defending her. And the way I see it, instead of complaining and waining (sp.) on what she has done or might have done and asking God why this has to happen; the best and wisest thing to do is to go on the 'floor' and really ask for God's intervention to prevail in all of this. For this is just not a physiccal battle but a spiritual one for that matter.

So am really asking for God's victories hand to reign in all of this matters and more because of the children who are innocent and who will suffer more should the situation come out of hand.

I wonder what miss.perfect and christine have to say about this!. Youknowwho was all edgy this morning and am sure she didn't have a nice night because of this either and all the time she was just uttering the word 'Lord'. I wonder what she will say if she is accused of not having brought us up well..............

Its funny how this family seems to move from one event after the other and just when you thought that something was over another one which you didn't even imagine cropsup somewhere else. I have really tried to convert the faith of these guys, and acoording to youknowwho she doesn't want to become like those guys she has seen on tv who make a scene out of themselves (if only she knew this was the only way to redeeem this family and her self too.)

Its amazing how am going on about going back to God all that, and here I am doing something thats not right (preaching water but taking wine)

I just hope and pray that things will really turn out for good here.......

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