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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Well its a new day here at the office, arrived a few hours ago, and began with my usual morning rituals, repaired my internet connections since there was a change in the proxy settings (the MD is still trying to configure the server) and had my cup of coffee, which seems to have brought back my energy.

Over slept today, since there was no one to call me, but managed to get to work before time; but that meant having to leave some things undone and walking to the other bus stop in order to get a bus.

When coming to work, I was really thinking about the way, we are treated by the MD and how he makes someone feel so bad about the selves and how you can't do anything without him; this made me to start fanatazing how someone might decide to come and offer another job with more pay, better working conditions and atleast a good working enviroment, which I seem to badly want. But I remembered that was just a fanatasy.

I indeed to begin my work today on the machines (I was on a go-slow) but I still not yet in the mood. Hope by the end of this, I will have gotten the intiution to start working.

Saw James yesterday on my way home, but pretended I was in a hurry and just waved at him and walked away. Am sorry but I don't think I want anything from Him after what he did.

And so those are my words as for now .

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