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Thursday, August 05, 2004


The conflict still goes on and the family is still undecided as to what will happen to mrs.faraway and from what I see they don't even have a clue as to what action they will take.

Funny enough they don't even have a strategy to counter this matter and try to see if they can come up with a solution to what its happening and prevent any in-oocurence from taking place.

Chritine and youknowwho were trying to come up with what I can refer to as a move, which if you ask me isn't what is required right now. I promise you from this you will see what some pple will try to say and show what they are capable of.

I honestly and sincerly feel for her, for I know how much she has gone through and how at times she has been held with contempt by the in-laws, and how she bottles things all to her self. But all in all my heart goes to the kids who I wonder how they will cope with this.

And thats why I have decided to really ask Gos to intervene over this matter and help to rescue the family. For I know that we aren't capable of doing anything both worthwhile and meaningful and we should put our energies in praying for her. That God will give her strength, look upon her with favour, tear down the strongholds of the evil one and bring santity to all of this.So if you are reading this please pray for her.

I have started to do maintenance on the machines but this time it will ony be a dusting process, since there isn't enough time or man-power to do all that work and on top of that am not in the mood.

Today newspaperguy asked me why I don't like spending the time with them or going to there offices...I hoped by now he had gotten the message.

The MD has really been around and making his presence know to everyone (wonder what he is planning), he has been making radical changes to almost everything since he came from that trip abroad and everyone seems to be avoiding him for you don't know what he might decided to do next. Talking of changes, I was given my office ID which will really be of help but the probelm is that I will be forced to wear it all the time am in the office.

I will be going to town today in order to buy mrs.chairlady some papers and the good thing is that I will get to be away from here for some few hours and do something different.

Yesterday on my way home I passed by mick's place but changed my mind just as I was about to knock (don't ask me why)since the man inside told me not to go in, and we know what happens if I don't listen. Wrote mails to lydia and davy (chnaged my mind about him)and just wished them well.

So let me go now and start on soemthing else.

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