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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Its not long but I can tell you that much has taken place within that short time since the last blog I made and now.

Firstly, on my way home yesterday I came across some houses, which had caught fire (but the guys had managed to put it out), but the scary part was, that James lives within the same vicinity in which the houses on fire were located. But after various inquires I found out that he wasn't affected in anyway (But I feel for the guys whose homes were affected by the fire.)

And its funny since during the commotion that was going on at that time I came across lots of pple I had seen along time ago who suddenly disappered, and wondered where they had gone to...

Christine came home last night but I didn't even greet her (don't ask me why), from what I gather Grace was there yesterday and had a long talk with them...."about what" I don't know and neither do I care.

Was late for work today, reason being I woke up late and I had to walk for quite a distance before I could catch a bus to work and instead of the bus stopping at my destination it took me further which made me walk an extra journey (now you get the picture)

Giddy didn't come to work today....wonder what he is up to...

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