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Saturday, August 14, 2004


You won't believe who I met on my way to work in the morning, Brian (will from now onwards refer to him as the singer) and this time he didn't pass me by and assume I wasn't there, he greeted me (I was a hug) and it seems that all this time he still remembers me and he has always wanted to talk to me but he doesn't see me after the service (if only he knew).

So after all the hugging and inquirying all about me, he invited me for BLINK, I said yes but I don't know whether I will honour that promise since solo wants to take me out for lunch (thats if he decides to show up) and I had this desire to see kiiru, so this means going to ds. But alteast now I have a plan B.

But the most exciting thing about all this is the fact that it happened in front of james and david (wonder what came to james mind when he saw all this. I also got to see another friend of singer but who couldn't recognize me, so I just passed him by and continued with my journey.

Went to compassion but no one was there and this really made me mad considering the amount of money (which isn't in plenty right now) I had spent to go there and they hadn't bothered to inform me about last time I was there.

Youknowho has still not yet come, her absence is starting to affect my financial status and performance, miss.baaker is still nagging me with her cries both at night and in the morning and am wondering what to do with her since I don't even have the money to buy her meat.

The MD is back and even the mood in the entire company has changed, he came back with his moods and he has been threatening to take serious measures against guys who have been coming late, especially during the time he wasn't there, so this made me to go and see him today since I was late, and the reception I got wasn't what I had in mind (for another time, most of the guys went out to do some maintenance thus almost the whole building is deserted. Also went to nav's to update but no one was there but this gave me an excuse to swim (I nearly drowned)and have a nice time.

So with the drawing to an end of this day.....let me say...It was worth it.

Hey ymy number one fun,
I love your blog, its really changed....
you should teach me how to get min eup like that now that the only this I can do online is write an not a techie like you.

I have been a way from blogging but will be back, work took over and my life slowed down thats why

hope you are well couldnt find your mail address on the new site
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