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Friday, August 06, 2004

Was in town again a few hours ago to do some paper cuttings. And all because bureauguy doesn't know to follow directions.

But all in all I had one of those rare moments of going to town more than once, having not to worry about the fare (but I really wanted to save the money), regardless of getting stuck in jam more than ten times, having to walk all the way to the place to cut (the jam was too much), having to wait, bumping into pple who don't seem tyo know where they are going and being charged more than I should . So you can see how my trip was.

The administrator made a comment, when I was invigilating that annoyed me. This started when she came into the room while the exams were going on and I was busy marking and found two guys talking. Well according to her, she sounded as if I didn't know the work I was doing and she decided to call the other invigilator,who was none other than miss.knowitall.

Finally the day and week have come to an end and its amazing what I got to do, see and watch happened in those few and long days. Hope and pray that the weekend will turn out differently and great from the others. I will be late tomorrow but I haven't yet sent mail to the GM and whenever I try to the browers doesn't open.

So with that let me log out and go home.

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