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Friday, August 06, 2004

What am thinking!

There are things we do, which we know we shouldn't be doing but the conflict comes in when we find ourselves doing them against our own will and the law that states that we shouldn't do them.

Yesterday during the late hours of the afternoon, when everyone had virtually left the office, I found myself doing exactly that. Even after promising myself not to do it again and telling God that I will not do it, I still went on ahead and did it.

Trust me at the end of it all I ended up feeling so wack with myself and wishing things about me that you wouldn't even wish your worst enemies. I didn't even want to see or even to talk to anyone after that (but the irony was,on my way home I met James and Sudi's mum.....)

Went to town today in the morning, to have some papers trimmed for bureauguy. Yesterday mrs.chairlady gave me $20, out of the blue which really made me happy. Am still to come up with the plan to reduce my contact with giddy.The MD isn't around today and I can tell you guys seem to be enjoying themselves around.

Youknowwho had gone to sort out stuff to do with Grace, but I didn't as her what it was all about. Actually I don't ask her anything anymore.

Post you later

I hear you
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I hear you
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