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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Most people, including me; although they don't like admitting it fear or to put it in a simple manner are afraid of change.

Not every one is happy or comfortable with the idea of being shifted from there routine, comfortable positions, moved from the castles they have built to things known, places uncommon, and people they hardly know and events they can't control or master.

And this has made us to try as much as possible to oppose change in our lives in anyway or the other either at work, home, friends and even church. But the most exciting but painful realization is that change has to occur whether we like it or not, and when we oppose change its us who will definetly end up getting hurt and if we continue to still be stubborn about it we end up getting extinct (as our MD put it) and on the sidelines.

I can honestly say am no exception and most of the time (even now) I have never been comfortable with change and this in turn has made me lose many opportunities, chances to do things, which when I look back now I think could have been very beneficial to me as a person. This fear also has made me to lose opportunities of making new acquitances who when I look at them now I just........

With all of these I have decided to put some major changes in my life regarding this matter, and to prove am serious, I have already implemented some of the changes, one of them being hope, themusician, both theartist and thesinger and core-group. I can't say that I have done all that I wanted but atleast I have done something and I can say am on the road to recovery (read previous post) and I have started the race.

I think that's all that needs to be said right now.

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