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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The day so far

Had a wacky morning, but am trying not to let the occurrences spoil my day. First of all I missed the bus (I actually saw the bus stopping and driving away, but I was too far to start running, and I wasn't the mood for running.); so that mean't I had to walk to the other stop in order to get another bus but all of them were full by the time they reached my stop, and in the one I got in the conductor charged me more than I usually pay. All this coupled with my morning mood just made me to want to scream.

All in all I got to work on time, and you can guess the first thing that greeted me, were complains that certain machines weren't working (no wonder my mood changes when I come to work).

Today new we reached a bunch of guys who will be working here for there internship for three months. I don't know how we will relate with each other but all I can do is to let time take its course and see what comes out of it all. The good thing is that now I have an extra hand to help me do some of the job in my department.

Last night I went to mick's place, where I spent the best part of the evening watching TV. Funny enough I was so sleepy that I couldn't get myself to go there in the first place. I haven't met the others but neither do I have any intentions to.

Am still trying to develop my site according to absence specifications and do some changes here and there. Its boring but I hope to be through before friday and where will go from there. I still don't no yet satisfied with the formats I have selected, so that means I will have to go back to the drawing board again.

My lesson begin today, but my consolation comes from the fact that am doing it for the money, which I desperately need right now. We are yet to get paid, I still haven't receieved any any word about concerning the matter. So I guess the silence means no.

With that let me go back to work.

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