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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Feeling like this

Still in the process of performing most of the changes that I had planned to implement one of them being putting my machine back to XP since there certain operations I need to perform, but I couldn't since I didn't have Xp. But now I have XP am sure I will be through by the end of this week. But I have to agree that Xp does have a nice interface though.

Today I don't I have much to say, but I really don't know what with with smartkid and bureaguy since they have been getting on my nerves for quite a while now and the more I have them around the more the 'familiarity contempt' continues to grow.

Late to work today, since there was so much jam and it was drizzling in the morning. I don't know what going on inside the MD's mind nowadays since whenever he looks at me, there seems to be something in his mind that he wants to reveal but is too lazy to say it.

I don't have much to say or reveal here today since I just seem to have no the insight or the words to express my true emotions nowadays. So with that let me just end this post.

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