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Monday, September 06, 2004


I can't remember the last time I felt this great writing about my weekend; which goes to show that my weekend this time was great, lovely, exciting and just the boom. For once I can look back at and be proud od what I did, the guy I was, the things I did, the people I met and the things I said.

Not ony was I amazed by my newly found/acquired confidence but there was so much peace and joy in me that even things that were supposed or thought would make me sad and abgry didn't even come close.

First and foremost I went to church in the morning, where the sermon for the day was forgiveness and learning how to forgive. The pastor touched alot on this matter, and it felt as if he was actually talking about me. I decided to practice that and actually forgive people who have continued hurt me and done things to make me angry. I didn't stay for the classes neither did I sign the long awaited magna carter but I did get the forms and pastor told me to go through them and if am willing I came back next sunday and sign them. After this I went to for the co-group open day where I had fun but came so tired that even waking was a problem.

Talking of being tired, today has been one hectic day, all this resulted from trying to repair machines and at the same time teach, stop a virus attack on machines and to add more pain to the injury bureauguy goes ahead to discuss me with smartkid who I wish you could have seen laughing and enjoying himself. And a few minutes before that I had brougth him cake thinking he was different from the others....

I think that is enough for today.

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