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Monday, September 20, 2004

Howdy partners

So where do I start!

Well the weekend was not thaaaaaat bad but neither wasn't that exciting or to put it in my own words it didn't excite me the way the things or other days excite me. I went to church (actually I was late for church, since I found the sermon ending), later I attended BLINK, where I got to give a testimony infron of Christine (I didn't expect to see her there, since she no longer attends church), but it felt good regardless of the fact that I was scared stiff when I was walking to the podium.

Themusician was there together with the crew(the person actually sat next to me)and we got to talk and I aslo gave the said person my poems and a card which I had made (I know this isn't the right thing to or the right time.....but I just found my self doing it). As we talked I discovered that themuscian actually goes to bible school (for the sake of the person I won't mention the school) and they want to become a pastor (was I shocked!). On top of that I also learn't that themuscian likes rock the way I do (okay! I think am getting abit obessive here.....).

But all in all I can say I had a nice time in church and I got to see people I don't talk too and people I see but don't notice them as much and people who I want to notice me as well. All I can say as far as the sermon was concerned is that it was.......good.

I haven't been up to much today, and the most interesting thing I got to do was comment on other people's blog and make a few changes on my blog but I can't see the effect or the changes I wanted (tell of things pissing you off). But all in all things have been quiet today here at the office or though the MD has been experiencing some mood swings, which made him to behave in a very unbecoming manner and he has been quite busy moving in and out of the office, which make me wonder what He is upto (I haven't being spying on him)

Hope this week, turn out great and exciting and pray that I stay clean this time.

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