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Friday, September 24, 2004

I said

I don't feel like writing anything right now!

"Trust me I have a very wide imagination and tend to think five more steps ahead than the normal one. So don't even try to ask me what I mean't by my earier comment, since I don't have the courage to tell you.

But all in all You caught my attention.

So bear with me.

PS: Where in the world do you get this stories from?"

Jesus was what you were thinking that bad? Granted it's not a great story, but I would think above ridicule.

Although I am happy I got your attention and will therefore bear with you.

PS: I get them from a book called the Writer's Book of Days. It has a different topic for you to write from every day. You do it in a set amount of time (I do mine in 30 minute limits) and I find it to be a good writing exercise.
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