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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Its one of those days things happen to you that you never imagined could happen and also one of those days you do things, which before that you considered wild or too insane to do.

Its also one those days that certain people say stuff and you look at them and wonder where in the world were they all this time.

Its also one of the days where people do certain things to you and all you want to do is hug them, kiss them and not let them go and wish they to stay like this forever.

Its one of those days where you get to met people you have never met before and others you haven't met in quite a long time, and the strangers don't seem strange to you and you seem to be drawn to them by something even you can't say what it is (thats strange).

Its one of those days you get to feel good about yourself and for once not condemn yourself or hate your self for things you said, did, saw, the clothes you weared, the person you sat to next in the bus, the climate or the way you walked.

Its one of those days when you don't care what the world says and all you want to do is be yourself and be the best at what you do.

Its one of those days where you realize that even though you felt as no one loved you or cared about what you did and weren't even thankful for the work you did, all this time they were; its juts that they were too stubborn to admit it, but again when you look back at it, it was for your own good.

Its also one of those days when you discover that there is still some kindness (actually alot of it) left in this world, its just that we don't look deeper, or are too blinded by our selfishness to see it. But again you are reminded there is still some fake pple as well.

Its also one of those days you discover you can be creative and write something different in your blog that makes sense and makes you wnat to type even more.

Did I mention that its also one of those days you get to visit places you have never been before and you were fearful to do that in the beginning, but after gathering enough courage and asking God for guidance you get to find the place and you feel really good.

But all in all its one of those days, that it hits you that God still answers prayers, God still talks to people, that God has never forsaken you and God loves you so much and on top of that miracles do happen.

I need to go now.

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