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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Of late I have been experiencing difficulties in translating my thoughts and events here. I don't know what resulted to this, considering not so long I experienced no difficulties at all. Guess am getting bored......or is it old.

Don't have much to say, apart from the fact that silence continues to prevaiol between my so called friends, smartkid hasn't shown up today and I think his absence is a blessed relief to me in particular. Bureauguy still pretends to be all cool and wise but I wish he knows what and how I think about him.

Talking of friends, Yesterday I met with the artist at mick's place and there was so much tension between us two that only less than three words were uttered between us. I still feel that he is yet to change his attitude towards me and look at me not in the light that am there only to repair his machine, and when he sees me, its not his machine he should be seeing or what I can do for his machine. Ans until that happens I don't think I will talk to him in the former light.

Been busy but not like Monday (I don't think I will forget that day), in fact nowadays when I get to the house I start to doze when I sit down, which if you ask me is very much unlike me and goes to say that am overworking myself.

Yesterday I was about to do the very thing that I have been saying I wanted to stop and asking God to give me the strength to overcome it. And my fear was that if it were to attack again I might not resist but yesterday I so God coming through for me, when I overcame the bad habit just in the niche of time, which really brought back to much joy in knowing that I could overcome.

So thats all for now.

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