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Thursday, September 30, 2004


There are times in life when you just need to slow down; and I mean seriously slow down, stop what you are doing, stop looking around, stop listening to others and even your self, stop playing your own music and just listen to the sound that comes out of you.

If the sound is anything to go by or worth listening too, then you are alive and your world too is alive. But if its not and there is no sound at all but silence, hollowness and darkness within, then know you are in trouble and you need to act fast before the rotteness sets in.

That's the point am in right now, and as the waves and storms continue to rage with me and I don't know when they will stop, I have decided to slow down and this time to really slow down and just listen and see what kind of sound is coming out of me and whether I have the courage enough to let others listen to it.

Am trying to type an application letter right now, but I don't seem to have the words to do it.

Am stuck in the first paragraph and the more I look for the words the more I feel lost and the time goes by in a rush.

I feel stresssed and over worked today but am trying to regain my composture by writing this blog; a habit that seems to start catching up with me.

So as the day progress along I hope to find something to cling on and worth being joyful about.

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