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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Yesterday on my way home I had timeless thoughts that really got me thinking and worried. Worried of my future here, where am going, and what is in for me. It got me thinking about all the 'friendship' thing with the theuntouchables (smartkid,bureauguy and others) and wondered whether there is that need to have them around, since all I seem to be getting from them is unwantedness (is there a word like this?) and jokes which if you ask me don't seem to be going well with the main guys here.

On top of that there presence has caused me a lot of delay in most of my work and I can't seem to stand the ignorance and carefree attitude of smartkid. On top of that bureauguy thinks he is so sweet and cool for me to tell him anything and wants me to do what he says (F him big). I really wonder what is the need for them or is there a lesson I need to learn from them and that's why I seem to have this premonition that I must have them around. I know today is on a thursday and the last thing I want is to do something that will make me myserable in the end and cause me to feel am the one to apologize.

My mind has been going on a spin alot lately as to what the future holds for me and what is it that I want to achieve or gain at the end of it all. But in that moment of thought and mindlesstorments I remembered its not my life anymore and it's not I who determines my future; its all about God and what He is doing in my life. My work is to trust in Him and to let Him guide me in the direction that He wants me to go and to be Obedient in all of this.

I can honestly tell you that it ain't easy doing all this and being at ease, especially when you see others succeeding, well off and having a nice and easy time. But I also remembered am being instructed to be of good cheer, bold and couragious and to put all my cares on Him for he cares for me.

Today as I was going through bloggers in my country I came across this dude and I think he has something nice and worth reading about except the last thing I want to hear is how great a genius he is and whathaveyou (Does anyone sense jealousy here?).

Today I woke up pretty early since I couldn't sleep (guess it was the timeless thoughts I had) so in turn I got to the office pretty early too.

So with that I say shaloam!

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