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Saturday, September 11, 2004


Last night I got home late from work, but since I had also passed by mick's place and spent the better part of the early evening with him watching tv. When I got home the something seemed a miss since the windows were still opened and some stuff was still outside, at first I thought no one was at home but whn I got closer I the door was locked from the inside, which told me that someone was in the house.

So after knocking the door, youknowwho answered the door, at first I thought she was sick and this got me all worked up with worry but after talking to her I discovered she was drunk and this really made me made.

I really felt like crying considering all that I was going through at that time, and to come home and to meet this kind of even, just made matters worse. Some of the thoughts that came to mind was that of running away but I wondered to whom and where, the other was looking for a another place but I knew this won't work with the housing probelm we have right now, the other thought that came to mind was too bad to even write it down.

So far I don't know what to do with her considering all that has been happening.

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