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Saturday, September 04, 2004


You can imagine how it must be feeling to be at work on a weekend, when you should be relaxing or even thinking how you are going to go out and have fun either alone (like me) or with friends (which rarely happens).

But you are stuck in the office and to make matters worse with pple who don't appreciate anything you do and all they do is make your work stressing, difficult and uncomfortable. And this came to life this morning when I told newspaperguy to do something about the server, since it was quite tedious and difficult to add a machine onto the network. And to add more pain to the injury everyone seems to be complaining about the machines and am wondering what the heck am I going to do.

Talking of machines, yesterday theMD gave me two machines, which I have been trying to configure since afternoon but they too have decided to give me a hard time, by not detecting the CD-ROM and the other hanging in the middle of the installation. Which makes me ask myself why am doing all of this and its on a saturday while I could have been doing something else.

So I have decided to finish updating this blog, which I have been doing since morning but had to stop since today we hard a staff meeting, which I was informed yesterday night (thanks to the GM) and when I asked the administrator about it, I learn't she had told everyone else, but didn't bother to tell me. So I wonder what I could have done or would have happened had I failed to show up today, considering what the MD was talking about today.

Well from what I learn't or gathered from the meeting, there will be lots of changes taking place here, and the way I see it, the main guy is looking for ways of getting rid of some pple and bring on board others. In fact as we speak am sad to inform you that miss.bureau/bureaugirl was fired last week and today was her last working day. I really do feel for her and wonder what she will do now considering she is living alone and has to make ends meet. Honestly from the meeting I learn't that I need to start putting my house in order and (and I quote) not get too comfortable with things here (end of quote)

Youknowwho was so sad this morning and I could see she hadn't slept thinking and worrying about Grace (I knew she would be affected by this), according to her grace wants to come back, but wants to come with the kids as well (a mothers love for her kids), but the question that comes up is 'what about there schooling' but for me am asking who is going to take care of them both financially and materially. I know I should be praying about this(which I even promised I would do) but I don't know why I have been lax about it and every time this thought comes to mind I push it to the back. I even don't know what to do now!

Tomorrow is the big day, but I have so much to do that I wonder whether I will be able to stick around up to the end, when the signing will be done. Since I had promised kiiru I will see him, and I have to come to nav's since co-groupers have an open day and I was requested to go and help. But i think we will cross the bridge when we get there.

So that's how my day has been so far, other things have taken place, but due to time I don't think I will go it to them. So with that I sign out.

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