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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


There are those moments in life when you think you have found someone who, you can be honest with and lot have to pretend or fake when around them. And you trust them to the extent of allowing them into your life and letting them do stuff that others couldn't do to you or would never allow anyone else. You tolerate there bad habits since you console yourself that even you too have them and you are no exception.

But as time goes by you notice somethings that there hiding and you discover not all that they told you was the truth and to make matters worse they have been saying bad things behind your back and a matter of fact they look down upon you with contempt. But since you are blinded by I don't know what and you can't see this or realize what's happening yto you, you continue to let them stay in your life.

And one day you discover them talking behind your back and you hear there opinion towards you and you discover how they played you for a fool all this time. And the truth finally and painfully dawns on you that you are still lonely and things in your life aren't yet what you thought they were.

You wonder why others are always mean to you even when you try so hard to please them and do what they want and have there way in everything. You ask yourself what is it that is wrong with you that your relationships always lead to breakups, hurt and guilt on your side (they are always meaningless and void).

And thats just a summary of transpired between me, bureauguy and smartkid. What hurts me most is smartkid's response to all of this, considering what I have done for him and he goes behind my back and starts talking ill of me with someones else, without even defending me and he knows very well am innocent (I wish you could have seen him laugh).

All I all I have decided to move on forget about the two and just concentrate on more important matters. Today I was moving up and down trying to rectify probelms with some machines, but one thing I can agree to is that yesterday was worse.

Don't have much to say but chao.

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