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Monday, October 11, 2004


Am still having difficulties as how I will start today's post and what do I want to say.

Well! the weekend is over but since today is a pulic holiday, there's no one here in the office except me, the computer, music playing in the background and the guards who are at the reception. So that means I have the freedom to make noise and put music this loud (can you hear it.....).

So why am I in the office and it's a public holiday? Well that's a godd question!
First of all I didn't have anywhere else to go and the thought of staying at home was just out of the question. Considering there is nothing there to entertain me, coming here was the only option I had.

Don't you have friends or family you could have gone to visit?
I don't think I would have been welcomed even if I went. And the friends or the so called family I wwould supposedly would have wanted to go and visit am sure they have plans of there own and my going there would have been an extra burden (am talking this out of experience and events that took place). And if they wanted me to be there theu would have invited me to come.

So what are you doing at work?
Well I had some stuff I had to check for themusician from the internet concerning his term paper (don't ask me why am doing this...since I have also asked myself the same same question and upto now I still haven't gotten an answer. Also I had stuff I wanted to print, check mail, listen to music and watch am movie.

How was the weekend?
Went for the rehearsals on saturday but no one showed up (if only you so I left here like a mad man thinking I was late...), but in the process I found themusician with his crew practicing and pastor was there.I later went to see sudi's dad where I spent the better part of the afternoon after which I went home. I also got to met with theartist and thesinger, who I didn't interact with that much.

Come sunday went to church, pastor was talking about fellowship (two fellows in a ship on a journey), which by the way was very touching and interesting (I even went for the altar call...yes christine was there).

Like always after this I went for Blink where I stood and gave a story but felt so bad after that since I didn't feel I had been appreciated the way I wanted (talk of fighting the flesh), we also had some visitors from outside who performed and the crowd was like all wild and happy for them. Am sorry to say this but I don't know why am finding it had to fit in and feel at ease both with the pple there and with myself, its like if I have to prove myself in order to be welcomed....di I tell you that there are cliche and groups...oh yes..I found that yesterday.

You won't believe, who stopped me after the service to ask me if I wanted to join a singing group.....Christine! I couldn't believe my ears....and according to her "I have a nice voice"(who is she trying to flatter...)

What else happened?
I later went to see thesinger found theother there, had a nice chat and saw thesinger doing something which I don't think its right mentioning....(I was a high time it happened..)but alll in all I enjoyed seeing theother and knowing he is still hiding something, which up to know I don't know what it is.

Later I went to see my niece and nephews, under the pretext that I was taking a cd for them (see what I have to got through even with family) since I had really missed them (I week can be really long you know!)but felt much better after seeing them.

Came home and went to see mick, who I found watching 'anaconda, finding the red.....' and started to watch as well, since I knew today was going to be a holiday, which gave me the guarantee to stay up late.

And that's how I spent my weekend.

Do you have anything to add?
I don't think so, but I have to say that I have noticed an eye candy somewhere...but watch this space for more details.

So with that let me sign out

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