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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I have discovered there are things I love to do, would love to do and wish I did that I don't do since I won't allow myself to do them, the situation am in doesn't allow me too and if I did the I don't know whether I would have the courage or strength to do so.

A good example is like today where I really wanted to go out, have fun, enjoy myself and cme back tired, happy, excited and rejuvinated for work. But as I woke up in the morning I realized this wasn't possible since there is no place (wasn't aware of any) that I could take my boring self to. No friends to visit, no family member would be excited to see me in the houses today and no event worth attending. So I had no other choice but to come to work and try to entertain myself.

But in the process of doing this I ended up doing something I promised myself not to do and this was in fact what I dreaded coming here and doing. This made me realize that even entertaining yourself, even in the least and most innocent way possible has a price tag attached to it, and what you do will be determined by how much you want to pay and how far you want to go.

Nothing much is happening in the "back_scenes" and "social_circles" since I decided to stop worry too much about it and the pple therein. And to be honest about it, this has really helped. Heard sudi was back, but I care less (I don't think that's really true!)

So hope I will get what I came here for, preferably it will be clean and good and worth looking back at. And when I start the day tomorrow if God wills I will be proud of whatever I did today.

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