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Friday, October 15, 2004

Countless Stuff

My life seems and feels to be having so many,countless stuff, which even me, I can seem to grasp, understand, comprehend or manage.

This has made me to live under the dictates of 'things_to_do lists',daili planners, diaries and reminders, since if I dedided to depend on my memory I usually end up forgetting every that I was supposed to do or I had planned to do that day.

And this over time has resulted in an emotional, person at the end of each day, as per my performance according to the things I had planned to do. I can honestly say most of the time I go back home either annoyed I haven't finished what I had wanted to do, or sorry for myself.

Things have been like a rollacoaster (sp.) since the last time I updated this blog and I really don't have the strength to go into details on al that has been happening or has happened. On top of that things seem to be moving so fast that I don't even know what is happening anymore

Am looking forward to the weekend, but don't ask me why, since I don't know what am looking forward too considering there is nothing happening or will happen that I deem to be exciting.

So with that let me sign out.

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