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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I KNOW.....

I know that I hate losing control of myself, no matter how laid-back I appear and pretend to be.

I know that I have no idea of what I want to do with my life

I know that if you choose to do something on your own, you have to learn to live with the pain and struggle through it.

I know that it takes a lifetime to build friendships, and only a few seconds to reduce them to irreparable ruins.

I know that very few things in life induce serenity to the same extent as knowing when you wake up each morning, that this day could be your last.

I know that I have a completely foul temper and thereby have to make a conscious effort to not lash people for innocuous remarks or thoughtless observations.

I know that in the end you can only rely upon yourself.

I know that despite all the best intentions in the world, and all the promises made in moments of passion, romantic and otherwise, friends drift and fade, and people move on.

I know that the only thing more painful than flinging my heart at someone is keeping it trapped inside me.

I know that people here—and almost everywhere, really—are shallow, superficial, insecure, and essentially fickle.

I know that I am shallow, superficial, insecure, and essentially fickle, but I have moments of clarity that make me feel as though I’m allowed to pretend otherwise.

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