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Thursday, October 07, 2004


Am trying to see where I will begin this post and what do I really want to say! But then I remembered that this is not like a letter am writing and it's neither a speech am going to give, so there is room to be informal, open and free to indulge in the unindugables (if there is anything like that).

Well the day started on a busy and depressing note; guess is because I didn't take my normal and usual cup of coffee that I usually do so as to calm my nerves and mae me see and think better (nescafe need to pay me for advertising there products and for the addiction created by there products......just imagine how much millions I can make if I sued them.....I will be rich rich and rich...I could finally get rid of some thorn I know of....well this are just details)

As you know I don't have a machine right now, so I have been forced to hold camp in the same same place I ran away a few months ago, and use the same same old machine I was using before but to make matters interesting if not worse is I have to face the same same pple I distasted in the beginning, bear to listen to there wainings every time they come from class, fight to use a machine (this is the painful part considering I had a mchine all to my self before) and be all cautious not to offend someone or say something that might be offending or hurting (wack!)

But am trying to have a good time, while in this place and try not to let any of the negative feedback I might get ruin that. I know it will be hard considering I will be in the presence of miss.knowitall (Did I tell you she and her husband gave me a lift on wednesday? Oh yes they did), miss.complainer and not forgetting our 'lovely' administrator and newspaperguy (and now we have a new face in the block and her name will be miss.smilely since she likes laughing alot).

Bureauguy is about to piss me off and he is behaving in a very idiotic manner and a few hours ago he demonstrated that my contempt for him is justified, and I think all I need now is a way to get rid of him completely.

Heard smartkid is sick (no wonder he has shown for work in the last two days) but its a pity that he wasn't around to see his 'big brother and conterpart' behave in a very bitchy manner (sorry for the strong's just that am mad) and support him the way he does as if he is the best thing since sliced bread.

Pray that I get a machine soon so I can get out of her and move to my old place.

I think that's all I want to for say now.

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