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Monday, October 18, 2004



Am feeling so lousy and low that even trying to cheer myself feels like trying to "kill a mosquito using a hammer". And all of this started last evening and I don't have any reason why.

I had to literally drag myself out of the house this morning and force myself to do some few manual duties here at the force since the thought of working wasn't in me today. And to make matters worse bureauguy comes here and tries to show and prove how an idiot he can be and in turn just getting on my nerves, he actually went to the extent of trying to show me that he had paid a vist to my blog, and if that is meant to scare me.......he can go and ********* himself.

All in all I have tried to maintain a low profile today but with the number of pple coming and going from this office, is so hard to get any quality time alone and regain your composure (which if you ask me I haven't been able to all this time)

Church was cool yesterday (someone commented and "congratulated" me on being a good church goer.... ) had the holy communion which was something I haven't done In along time. Themusician was there and you won't believe that I actually spoke to eyecandy (but it felt so wierd and strange), also did stage planning for the christmas pageant
(please don't ask me how in the world I got my self there) and something worth mentioning is that I saw miss.beautiful staring at interesting....

Later went for co-group just to pass time and go home late, since you know who came home dead drunk on saturday, which really made me mad and I didn't even want to speak to them.

I just hope I know where am heading in all of this things and I hope I understand why am doing the things am doing.....

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