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Monday, October 04, 2004


Its hard trying to express yourself when you don't even know a thing about yourself, what's going on around and in you and above all when you don't even appreciate your very presence.

My words today will be short and precise, since I don't the strength to go into details about my indulgences during the weekend (this is a simple way of saying there were none) and how the inner man has been behaving.

I did the normal stuff I do almost every weekend sundays in particular, for that's the time I don't end pu going to the office in the morning. This time I was early for church since the sermon hadn't been preached so I got to hear the sermon from the start. Passy talked about worship and how it reflects what and who our priority is in our life, he also talked about us confroming our thoughts and emotions to the will and commandments of Jesus (something am sure I haven't been doing)

After service went for BLINK where things turned out to be off the hook, since we ended up playing games, which I decided to participate and ended up losing and feeling so lousy. The crew was there including themuscian and thats all I can say about them. But I get to know that I was given a part in the christmas pargent that will be coming up (stay tuned for info about the whole thing)

Later on went to iron, and enjoyed every minute with my niece but all this was spoilt when there mum told me that grace had called and she is still having probelms with her in-laws (Gosh I wish there is something I can do and just stop all this.). If that wasn't enough youknowwho went on a drinking spree and came home around 11.00pm drunk not even able to talk. To add pain to the insult I was having those moments when I hate everything about myself and wishing I was around. I tried going to mick's but regreted the last minute since it was as if he didn't want to see me, this made me have to go to that empty house and cheer myself in anyway possible since I was really feeling down, angry, hungry, and sad.

Atleast I got to fall asleep and I guess that's why I was late today since I woke up abit late and had to wait for a bus. Guess who I met, christine and its funny since nowadays we have meeting very often when I least expect it; but I just nodded my head and assumed she wasn't there.

Things here have been just like that lacking in the things that make you want to go after more.

And those are my words.

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