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Friday, October 01, 2004


Am trying to compose myself as my as possible since I feel there is a part of me that doesn't have the right answers or isn't satisfied with alot of stuff around me an within me right now (are these what we call mood swings, since these feelings seem to attack me during certain times and days).

Last night I guess is when the feelings and emotions were severe since I had to force myself to cheer up and avoid saying or doing anything mean to anyone or myself, for we all know what are the implications after this.

The day so far has been characterized by mood swings, which have varied from one point to the other. The so called collegues and friends have come and gone and nothing much has been done by either of them to justify my writing about it.

I finally managed to finsih typing my application letter and handing it in to the relevant authorities. After which I received my letters of confrimation as having been accepted, which I signed last nigth and handed them in this morning together with the application letter. I don't intend to reveal much about this matter since its still in the processing stages and I would like it to remain as such until the right minute. So as I told you earier continue watching this space.

But all I all there are some quetions floating in my mind as far as the matter mentioned above is concerned and I don't know whether I should rejoice about it, should mourn or handle it with outermost caution and secrecy.

A few minutes ago I was from asking permission from the MD to be late (sounds like high school) tomorrow since I need to catch up on my sleep, since I have been waking pretty early and sleeping pretty late and we all know this combination doesn't work quite well. But according to him the idea of coming to him when the day is almost over isn't in his liking so I had to fake a letter from compassion which I forwarded to him and waiting to see whether he will be convinced enough.

The weekend is at hand, heard am supposed to go to mrs.pretender for a baby shower, which if you ask me isn't what I consider to be exactly something worth looking forward too on a saturday. But due to the lack of entertainment in my life for quite some time now I think I will go.

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