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Friday, October 22, 2004


A few minutes ago bureauguy was here to remind me (read 'scorn me') that he had accessed my blog, read the posts I had made, knew secrets about me that no one else knew, and to make matters more complicated, he came in and saw me typing this post and you can imagine what transpired when he saw the name 'bureauguy'.

I have really wanted to know how I will protect my thoughts from the prying eyes of the unlearned, unappreciative, the judgers and the unknowledged, since as long as I want to express myself both truthfully, honestly and openly; I need to do that with that the fear of the pple mentioned above.......

This made me wonder whether I should comtinue with being so open as far as posting my thoughts, emotions, occurrences and my life as a whole. Since with the likes of bureauguy and not to mention a few isolated cases (which I won't go into right now) my privacy and anominity will surely be threatened and to some extent abused and used against me.

So after telling bureauguy about my blog and how he has a character role in it, he goes on ahead to tell me that he has never read my blog and to add pain to the injury, he tells me that he was just
joking and he has never read my blog! WHAT KIND OF A JOKE IS THAT!

Of late smartkid has been a major torment in my life, thoughts and emotions, and the worse bit is I don't know how to get rid dof them from my life, heart and mind completely. I know its wrong and everytime I dread meeting them or having to spend anymore time with them. For the longer am with them the more I seem not to have the strength or courage to get rid of them. From the beginning I knew they were going to be more of a problem to me than excitment....I really wished I hadn't gotten involved with them that much!

The weekend is finally here, I don't think I will be going to the project tomorrow, since I don't want to be on a collision course with the GM again. So that means I will be here at the office First thing in the morning (and the way I had wanted to catch up with my sleep), and just bore myself with work (trust me with all that had happened this week I need to sleep to my full).

I don't know whether I should forgive youknowwho, considering what they did to me during the holiday by coming home in the middle of the nigth, drunk and not even aware of themselves. And to make this hurtful, they don't even a damn about what they did and how angry I felt......

So far this are my thoughts and happenings.

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