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Friday, October 08, 2004


Today has really been one of those days you wish you didn't come to work (I doubt whether this has been an option on my side!) and had decided to run away and be somewhere as far as possible from this place. I have been working since the first thing I came into the office, machines were breaking down like crazy and to make matters worse miss.knowitall was setting up a practical for 29 students, so you can imagine how hectic that must have been for me, since all machines had to be working and all of them had to be on the network and the floppy drives working too.

I can tell you right now even waking up from this chair leave alone typing this post, is a problem and a task, which seems to take forvever to finish. All this I can gladly point to the running up and down I have been doing since morning, carrying machines and monitors (do they have to make monitors this heavy?) trying to talk to ten students at the same time and they are talking to there friends too (you can picture the noise) and trying to convince the GM to give me a machine since they decided to take mine (I was told to wait and I know this will be for sometime, so I better get used to this place).

I don't know whether I can say that am glad that this week is almost over, since the thoughts of what the weekend has to offer and the things I expect to meet along the way not forgetting the people and the fact that I have to come here tomorrow just makes me think otherwise. But with all that took place this week am glad that it over!

Talking of weekend if God wills I expect to go to compassion to see how my departure is being handled and to face some looks from the other students. I also joined the drama group in church (sorry I didn't share this earier....guess I got got up with all the happenings)and we will be meeting every saturday from 3.00pm to practice, for the christmas pargent (you will be shocked to know the role I was assigned) during christmas (I can't believe christmas is around the corner and the way........guess this is for another day). I also learnt that the dancing group will be meeting at the same time so I think this is a good chance for me to learn a few moves...

So far am still on the road to recovery, trying to find my way through this storm and stay focussed at the same time. Everyday is a battle with both my emotions, desires, fears, ambitions and flesh. I can't say that I have been winning, actually I can count the more times I have fell than those I have stood firm and not given in to the temptation. But all in all I have learnt to pick up the pieces and continue with the journey, but to be honest as time passes by the more it becomes hard to do exactly that.

Watching and listening to the success stories give an account of there lives (one coregrouper did exactly that yesterday.......)just makes me feel even more of an outcast, (in the process I also discovered that most coregroupers have been meeting with each other and they didn't even inform of having close friends) funny enough these mails usually come when am feeling so down and blue...

Well heard suddie is coming next week (the beginning of another cycle) and all I can say is let them come.

Well wish me a nice weekend and goodnight.

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