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Monday, October 25, 2004

What's happening

Indeed alot has taken place since my last post, alot of which concerns this blog, the kind of comments I have been getting, the changes I intend to make and have made and on top of that what has happened in my life so far.

Well let me begin by saying that I have decided to change the title of this blog to something else (which you can see already....I will explain as I go on...) as well as the blog description. The other thing involves the commenting part; since I was using a different commenting service other than the one provided by blogger, I discovered I wasn't getting all the comments and whenever the comments were posted I wasn't being notified as the settings suggested, so I have removed that service and I have gone back to the default one (blogger commenting service). But the interesting bit is that I have lost all the comments that were previously posted (sorry BONDY!)and I don't see the comments link appearing on the posts (I hope I didn't blander anything!)

Most of this changes have come up as I reflected on all that has been happening in my life, I can't deny that most of it has been quite depressing, annoying and at times saddening but I learnt that this doesn't have to reflect in my lifestyle (hope this is not what we refer to as denial). An on top of that I can shape and change all this by the words I outer and write (guess its the 'think postive books' I have been reading), and I would also like to thank BONDY again for making me realize this.

On friday someone (I can't believe I forgot her name)left a comment, complaining why I had added her to my hall of fame, first of all "without asking for her authority" and why in the word did I decribe her the way I did (I had used the words "Amother") and secondly she didn't like the way I was "vague" and "dark".

If she is reading this (which I doubt she will), the reason as to why I had called/ described her that way, was because she was a mother and her blog was about a mother bringing up her children and taking care of her family and what in the world is wrong with that.

The reason as to why I decided to include her in my 'hall of fame' was due to the fact that I liked the way she was open and honest about her life as a mother, and the kind of love (I doubt whether this is what she has) that you experienced when reading her blog (I should have known better). Well am sorry for her and for me too (for having included her) and on that note she will be happy to know I have removed her link and blocked my brower from even even displaying her blog......

Left work late on saturday, since I knew there will be no one there (youknowho had gone 'out') and it was raining by the time I wanted to leave. So I spent the time watching movies I saved on my harddisk and listening to old music. By the time I got home the house was empty, which meant I had to do all the housework that was there (and the way I was hungry and tired) to add to the misery there were no lights!

Come Sunday, went to church, preaching was VERY nice and enjoyed every minute of it, went to BLINK after that, themusician was there, but most of the crew including miss.beautiful weren't, since I was feeling down and depressed I left after sometime.

Went to see my nieces and nephews and to tell you the truth I felt better after that, since I desperatly needed something to boost me up, with all that was happening (youknowwho came in the middle of the night.....)

With all of that am here at the office, trying to do what I can and prevent any further damages to my mood and heart.

And those are my words for today.

I like the changes you've made. It's a little less dark and vague.
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