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Thursday, November 25, 2004


For the last two days there has been one thing that has made itself dorminant, and that's changes.

To begin with I was relocated to a different office yesterday, something am proud about and only wished it had happened sooner. The only thing I guess I will miss of the old office are the sun rays and the opportunity to stare at pple passing by. But now I have the privacy and silence I wanted.

Bureauguy was also moved to technical, something he got the guts to tell me today, which I think goes to show that the mood swings are over and now we can get back to constructive communication.

Since the beginning of this week I have had to delegate my time between expo and work since my presence is also required there. I welcome the change since I get to be away from the office for a while, feast my eyes on some 'mualahs' and eyecandies and listen to some different voices for a change. The goos thing too has been the fact that the venue is a walking distance from the office so I don't have to worry about the hustles of transport.

Am yet to get to talking terms with youknowwho, considering what they did last weekend and the week before that. I can't deny that this has affected the way I relate to them, in fact it has to some extent made me allienate myself even more.

A few minutes ago mrs.complainer, really messed up my day by trying to get on my nerves but got out of her presence before she could do that. Sometimes I thing being alone is the best thing any one can do for themselves since you get to reflect on your life, feel sorry for the things you have done, trying to look for ways to rectify your past mistakes, make the future and the present more pleasant and try to find ways to make even others happy.

Got rained-on on my way to work today, to make matters interesting; had to cross a bridge which was flooded at the same time. But interesting enough someone came and gave me a lift, was I happy.

So with that let me end here.

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