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Monday, November 22, 2004


Am in the office, bored, taking milk and biscuits (no wonder I don't add weight) and trying to motivate myself to type by listening to music.

The weekend turned out great, something that hasn't happened in quite a while now.

Did the basics like going to church, late like always; but I guess the reason to why I do this is cause I will find things in progress and get down straight to business.

Later on went to DC and guess who I see, solo and theshortone. For some strange reasons I was glad to see both of them and be at DC at the same time. Guess it was the fact that I hadn't been there for like 6 months now and hadn't see the two minions for quite a while now.

While at Dc, I met with passy who started asking why I had disappered and why the silence. And since I wasn't in the mood for talking and explaining my actions, I just told them I was in the middle of an assignment outside Nairobi and thats why I couldn't be seen there anymore (talk about lying and you are from Church!)

After all the chatting and hullabos (sp.) that accompany meeting pple you haven't seen for a very long time, we left we the two minions to solo's place had lunch watched Tv and later left to go to the movies, since theshortone wanted to watch white chicks (nicholas did you hear that).

Had a really nice time, laughed alot and felt rejuvinated to face the week.

Come monday, woke up late, which in turn meant arriving late to the office, had to explain why I was late to theadmin (cooked up something sweet) and later went out to see how things were at expo.

So all I can say is am tried right now from all the walking and talking and just want to go home.

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