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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


If I were to give a lecture in probability studies, I would remind my students that
nothing is random. Everything can be calculated and predicted if all forces are
considered within the formula. One action always lead to another being triggered
by the former, it will never end. Such an example would be the transfer of energy,
it will continue to another form, or maybe to another location but it will never fade.

The above leads me to one question, does "choice" exists? If choice was merely
an action which causes neurons to fire in some sort of pattern followed by a re-
action, then it is not really a choice to begin with. We are only fooled by our own
minds that we have control over situations when a decision are made.

Anything can be predicted, the past or the future. For the unknown past, forensics
are applied. For the future, scientific calculations are used. So is time static? Is
everything a result of the so called "Big Bang" which started the universe? The first
ever action which leads to all reactions until now?

You know what? I actually don't care.

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