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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Am trying to find where to begin it all, but I seem not to have the words or idea as to where to begin, what to say or how to say it. But lets see how the words flow....

Well its funny that I actuallt mastered the strength to post something this week, for I have been low and distracted that finding the time, opportunity and morale for this hasn't been easy.

Alot has happened both bad (depending on the way I see it) and good (also depending on the way I see it) and with each day that passes my life hasn't failed to have one of this them. So I will begin this post from where I left off...

Went to church, but at the back of my mind I knew I had to see sud, which made me somehow distracted during the service (I guess I was too worried with my reaction to seeing them, than they seeing me). Stayed on for Blink but I got bored and left.

On my way to sud's home, I spotted sud standing near their gate and when they looked my way they dashed back in! Honestly if you ask me that was the reaction of someone not wanting to see me. But all I all I played it cool (assumed I didn't see what happened) went ahead to greet them when I got to there house and pretended I was in the same way glad to see them and glad they were back. During our conversation I also discovered they didn't tell me they were leaving on purpose and all this was planned behind my back. Talk of having friends you can real on.

Later went for co-group, passed by the office; the hall had to be arranged, but there was no one to help me, so I went back to co-group, where I tried to feel at home (it didn't work)

Had alousy mood in the morning, since last night I have been fighting 'emotions' regarding smartkid, and every minute doesn't go by without wishing to make them pay and hurt from thr same hurt am going through. Managed to see the end of the day but I can assure you it was tough.

In the morning, I discovered I was appointed to be in a committee to organize the company's fun day. If my memory serves me right I don't remember volunteering for such a thing and who told them I wanted to join in the first place.

Went for the meeting and funny enough I seem to be enjoying it.

Feelings came back with a flood, but managed to fight them.

Well my life has been.....I don't know and I better stop there for now.

hi there.i guess we have agreed nt to reveal ok with that...just confirm that u actually do know me...any way keep up the writin and thanks for visitin mine as well. do u have an email i can reach u on???
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