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Saturday, November 27, 2004


Am just about to go off to a field trip and am not the least excited about it.

Guess its the fact that, I have had to go through lots of emotional drain over the past four weeks trying to organize this thing and in this week alone I have had to get my self involved in expo. So my energy and zeal to travel and have fun have been eroded in that process.

I don't know how the trip will be neither do I know how the whole thing will turn out either. But I just hope and pray that things will turn out great and there will be some moments worth remembering and cherishing.

Both smartkid and bureaguy will be there but trust me I intend to avoid them like dirt in the first place (nothing shall be left to chance).

Am in-charge of games; something I wish I didn't agree to (me and my stupid self) and the way my moods are right now, I wonder whether I will have what it takes to lead the group through the games.

On top of that since last night I have been having these, intitutions of not wanting to go for this thing and every \time I get them before doing anything, things just.....(let me not make conclusions about this). So wish me the best and see you later (Nicholas I wish you came).

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