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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My writings

Trying to understand yourself is to me one of the hardest hurdles man has to deal with. For it means having to stop, and look so deep inside you in order to know the kind of person that lies within.

And its at this point that most people, dread since they get to see the kind of persons they really are, the fears that lie within, there deep dark secrets and the yet to be fulfilled dreams. But also to some extent, they are also happy moments when you get to remember those precious and memorable moments in your life.

But as one man put it, what matters is the kind of people we emerge after looking into ourself.

Now to my 411 (up to know I still don't know what this means!)

(a)Am here writing a blog while am supposed to be working (honestly am not in the mood)

(b)I should be updating the system log book but instead am here updating my blog (talk of misplaced priorities)

(c)I should have ignored smartkid when they came here, but instead I was all smiles and jollyjolly to see them (its hard trting to fake your true feelings)

(d)Bureauguy is moody today (guess its that time of the month)

(e)Having second thoughts concerning expo (me and my lousy mind)

(f)My desire to revenge for yesterday, is longer there today and am shocked that I still have the guts to smile at some people today (this is refered to as evening blues)

(g) Came from reading this blog. (I like it).

(h)Hope the day turns out great.

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