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Friday, November 19, 2004


I will try and see whether I can remember what I was typing yesterday before the computer decided to behave in a manner both unacceptable and anti-african.

Honestly yesterday was one busy, stressing, embarrassing and at the same time interesting day I have had in months. Let me explain:

Busy, since I had like 1001 things to do, all of which demanded my undivided attention and had to be attended to almost at the same time. A good exmaple is where I had to invigilate a class (from 8.30-10.00) and in another instance retype the budget and programme for the company outing (this report was supposed to be at the MD's desk by 8.30)

Stressing since I wasted almost an hour trying to have a cd-rom detected, and in the last minute after doing all that, I fails to read the CD. How stupid is that.

As I was shopping for expo's stationary at one of the supermarkets in town, I decided I needed to check out something first before buying anything there, but the problem came about since I couldn't find my way out, and finally this big guy comes to me as with lots of anger inquires what the heck do I want near the teller machine (Guess he thought I was a thief or something).

As I told you earier I went to town to do shopping for expo, met solo (after I don't know how many months), and in the process got so see burnice (american as I left her), which at the end of the day was not only comforting but soothing to see pple you haven't seen in a while and who are excited to see you.

Fast forward today!
Well bureauguy is still moody and doesn't seem to want to talk to me (he can go to you know where)

I have been running up and down since morning (dtp practicals) and to tell you the truth I hated every single minute of it, with the waining of mrs.complainer, contempt of mrs.knowitall and the commands of theadmin who wouldn't. But am happy to know it all over, I survived it and now I can think of other things.

Talking of other things, am thinking of taking some days off, but am wondering what I will do with the time.

The weekend is finally here with us, I wish you could have seen the eagerness of smartkid to go home(up to know I still painfully ask myself why I ever allowed them into mylife....)

So hope it will be awesome.

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